Thu. Jun 17th, 2021

Choosing between free no download slots and table games for higher payouts

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Have you ever looked around the casino and wondered how the people around you seem to keep winning except for you? Well, you may want to take a look at what games you’re playing and rethink your strategy to increase your chance of winning. Among those which we’ll be talking about today will be about slots and poker.

If you’ve been visiting the casino, you might be familiar with the two games. These are the two games you might think of when you hear the word ‘casino’, but do they offer the same payouts equally? Fret not, as we will analyze the two games inside out to find out which game offers a higher payout.

Difficulty in Mastering the Game

First, we’ll have to talk about how difficult it is to master each game. If you’ve had any experience with slot machines, you’ll realize that anyone can play slots. The only thing you need to do is to press a button or pull a lever, and waiting for the winning combination is all it is for you to do by then.

Sorry to say, but slot players require zero skills when it comes to spinning the reels. Most players have this common belief that slots are usually skewed to favour the house, but in actuality, all slots are randomized. This means that players can only count on luck when it comes to playing slots.
As for poker, just like most table games in casinos, the game follows a specific set of rules and requires a certain level of skill. In this sense, slots may be the best game for beginners due to its nature, which is rather straightforward. With poker, players will first have to learn about the rules and common terms used in the game.

To put things into perspective, Texas Hold’Em, a variation of poker, contains the setup, betting rounds, and the showdown. As for the specifics of each step of the game, this will be a story for another time. However, you might also want to go over some of the most common terms in poker prior to your gameplay. Terms like ‘Benjamin’, otherwise known as a $100 bill, or ‘dead hand’, which means a hand which is no longer possible to win, maybe a great way to start.

In terms of mastery, poker will definitely take more time to master, when compared with slots. However, if it’s your first time in the casino, you may want to try out slots first to have a taste of the world of gambling.

Theoretical RTP

RTP is also an important factor in determining players’ chances of winning. RTP, an abbreviation of return to player, shows the percentage of wagered money that’ll be returned to players over a long period of time.

While it is not guaranteed 100% that players will receive a certain percentage of their bets back after a few games, as it is a rough estimate over thousands, even millions of games, players will be able to compare better between each game with the percentage given.

With free no download slots online, players will need to be careful as different slots will have their respective RTP rates. Landed slot machines will rarely have their RTP rates displayed by the machines, but some online slots will have it written down beneath each game.

Normally, slots will have an RTP rate of at least 70% and up to 90% and above, depending on the game and casino. If you’re lucky, you may even find an online slot with a 99% RTP rate!

The RTP rate for poker, however, is highly dependent on how well a player can do in the game. Depending on the variation of the poker, the RTP rate changes as well. If we’re talking about video poker, the RTP rate ranges anywhere from 95% to 99.5% generally. In other games, however, the range can be anywhere between negative RTP rates to a percentage of over 100 depending on how players strategize their game.

However, it’s important for players to keep in mind that RTP rates work theoretically, so the returns may end up looking different when it comes to the actual gameplay. Casinos who display the RTP rates of their games may do so to attract more players to the game. Despite that, what players can do to lower the house edge is by learning different strategies for the game.


Incorporating strategies into your gameplay is an important factor in determining your winnings. While it’s not guaranteed that players will win once they’ve found a strategy that’s suitable for them, strategies do, however, increase players’ chances of winning in the midst of it all.

With free no download slots, other than the usual pressing the spin button and waiting for the winning combination to appear, there are several other ways players can stand a chance in getting a higher payout in their next spin.

Knowing when and how to bet is a big thing with slot players. One thing slot players should look out for is the slot volatility. A slot with high volatility offers lesser payouts but has a higher payout amount when players do win something, and vice versa with a low volatility slot.

What most players do to make the most out of high volatility slots is to bet higher. If the machine has its own multiplier feature, you’ll be right on your way to a high payout. With low volatility slots, however, players often bet lower and try to work their way up to obtain a substantial amount of payout while at the same time, not losing too much money.

As for poker, one thing players can do is to learn how to bluff. Bluffing, however, takes practice and can either make or break the game. To begin bluffing, players will first need to analyze what card hands they have. One popular way poker players do this is by bluffing when they have hands with outs to improve their hands later into the game.

Another thing poker players should always look out for is to only play in a table where you’ll be the best player. Putting yourself in this position will raise your chances of winning drastically. The first few minutes of the game will be the most crucial part of the game. The first half of the game will help you gauge the skill level of most players in the table for you to analyze how likely you are to win.

In terms of strategy, slots are, no doubt, easier to manoeuvre against and carries a lower risk when compared to poker. However, with a higher risk, comes the possibility of obtaining a higher payout.

Which game is more worth it?

In a nutshell, both games come with their own set of pros and cons, but poker offers players a slightly higher chance of winning when it comes to getting higher payouts. This might not be the case for beginners, as poker requires more time for players to master, but with a higher risk, comes a higher payout amount.

If you are a novice player reading this, you may want to opt for free no download slots to start off gambling with to minimize your losses. Unlike poker, there are no rules to slots, only strategies for you to capitalize on, so players can bet safely, knowing that you’ll be able to control how much money you are willing to part ways with.

As you’ve gained more experience in gambling in casinos, you might want to start learning how to play poker to try to increase your winnings. With poker, instead of a cold hard machine, you’ll get to play with other players, which in turn, will depend on how well you can play the game and outplay your opponents.

Feeling the thrill while betting is part of the experience when players are gambling in casinos, and poker is one of the many games players can take part in experience just that. While slots are just as exciting, considering the time and winnings you’ll receive from it, it’s just not worth it.


Once players begin to explore other games within the casino, you’ll find that most games favour the house at the end of the day. That is why players should expect to lose when they’re playing to ensure smooth and enjoyable gameplay.

While casino games are equally interesting and fun to play with, players should always keep it at the back of their minds to gamble responsibly and to stop whenever you feel like you’re losing too much.

If you’re playing in a landed casino, make sure to bring a friend along to keep each other in check. On the other hand, if you’re playing online, some casinos have a self-exclusion feature for players which you’ll be able to adjust according to your own liking.