Thu. Jun 17th, 2021

Top Unique Themed, Free Slots No Download Required

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If you’re an online casino games lover, you may have a doubt on the casino game that pays you more, Slots Vs. Poker: Which Game Earns You More Winnings? | Download Slots Free games can be themed around, there are several themes that players will commonly encounter. These themes include the Egyptian era, Chinese and Oriental-related slots, underwater slots and many more.
Of course, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel like you’ve been transported to an underwater world, or feel like you’re Egyptian royalty for a day. Sometimes, however, players may want a change of scenery, which these refreshingly-themed free slots no download required can provide.

Who Spun It?

The title ‘World’s Greatest Detective’ may already be taken, but that shouldn’t stop you from doing your own bit of sleuthing!
On the reels of Who Spun It?, players are thrown into the fray of a great murder mystery in a rich old mansion. With plenty of suspects and clues, whose motive is the strongest to have murdered the poor owner of the manor?
Developed by Betsoft, Who Spun It? is a 3D slot game that is not only unique in theme, but also in several of its key features. Amongst these features are the game’s Detective Mode, which is activated every 5 minutes. While spinning on the reels, players have the chance to collect Clue Coins, which could later be used in the Detective Mode to collect clues. These clues would later lead to the culprit, and you’ll solve the mystery once and for all.


Guaranteed to be one of the cutest slot games you’ll ever see in your life, Birds! is, unsurprisingly, about birds of all shapes, sizes and colors.
Also from the developers of Betsoft, Birds! is refreshing in the sense where there aren’t any restricting columns dictating where the icons will spin onto, but instead have an entire flock of birds flying onto sagging electric wires replacing the columns.
The special features in this game include having a wild symbol, or rather, the Wild Bird that can replace any icon to form winning combinations. Besides that, every win that players are awarded is doubly rewarding as every combo that is made will fill up the Tweet-o-Meter, which would in the end reward players with Free Flights- which you may know better as free spins. Players could win 8, 12, 20 Free Flights, and retrigger the feature when they fill up the meter again.

Kick A$$

If you the aforementioned slots are not your cup of tea, and you prefer a tougher, rougher type of slot, you’ll love these Kick A$$. Featuring graphics ripped straight from a comic book, players of this game would feel like they’ve delved back into a good old comic in their childhood.
Created by the developers at 1×2 Gaming, Kick A$$ teams up players with other superheroes to defeat nefarious villains and save the day once again. Firstly, players are required to find their fellow superheroes by matching any 3 of the featured heroes on the reels. Then comes the fun part- Kicking A$$!
Kick A$$ also features Wild symbols and Free Spin symbols, as well as Multiplier Man, who is perhaps the greatest hero of all. He multiplies all your winnings for 5 spins, and if you’re lucky enough to meet him again, he will continue to multiply your winnings!

In short, in the event that there has ever been anybody or anything you want to see or experience, slots can be a good way to help you fulfil these desires. All of the slot games listed here are free slots no download required and can be played for fun or with real money, depending on what the player prefers.
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