Thu. Jun 17th, 2021

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy informs users of how the site collects, store, and manages the information submitted by users and their rights to all the content submitted.
The site respects the privacy of all the users and it is of the site’s utmost importance to protect all private information submitted to the site. All information will be used internally to manage and run the site smoothly.
The site uses the cookies functionality to improve the smooth running of the site. Cookies detect, but not limited to, users’ location, preferences, and email addresses, which will help the site identify users the next time they visit the site. Users can disable this function any time from their browser settings.
By accessing and continuing to browse this site, users agree that they have read and understood the Privacy Policy of the site. The site reserves all rights to make changes to this Privacy Policy without any prior notice to users. Therefore, it is highly advisable that users refer to this Privacy Policy frequently to keep up to date with all the changes, should there be any.